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Transitions lenses: try them out!

Transitions lenses have never been easier, or better priced, to discover them for yourself!

Contact us for more details or simply stop by to discuss your options.

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Eye Exams can screen for diabetes

Did you know diabetic eye disease is the main cause of blindness in working-age adults?

Type 2 diabetes, which accounts for 90% of diabetes cases, is often referred to as Adult-onset diabetes because it usually occurs after the age of 40 in adults who are obese. Today, due to increasing obesity in youth and adults, […]

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How to instill eyedrops and avoid contamination

Eyedrops are prescribed by doctors to treat acute or long-term ocular conditions. Proper instillation is critical to ensure effectiveness and also avoid contamination or infection.

Did you know?
30% of patients miss the mark and hit their eyelids or cheeks with the eyedrops.
70% touch the bottle tip to their eyelashes or eyelids.
1/6 of one drop will fill your eye […]

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Ray-Ban Summer Sale!

The Ray-Ban Story

Labelled Ray-Ban because they ‘banned the rays of the sun’ Ray-Ban were the first sunglasses specifically manufactured to protect against the glare from the intense blue and white hues of the sun.

In 1929 US Army Air Corps Lieutenant General John MacCready asked Bausch & Lomb to create aviation sunglasses that would perform […]

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